In a globalized world combined with high level of uncertainty, managing organizations is becoming more of a challenge. The question of what to do, where to go and how to compete became the obsession of every organization, and therefore the need for strategic planning has never been more of a top priority than now.

Unfortunately, most of the available courses are no more than 5 days of introductory training that doesn’t achieve the desired objective of participants being actually able to produce and implement a strategic plan. Moreover, many companies we know of adopted the approach of bringing external consultants who perform the job of strategic planning themselves and sadly such plans end up in the drawer costing the organization a substantial amount of money without any actual implementation.

Research has recently proven the failure of solely relying on external consultants’ approach and approved of the approach involving company employees being senior managers or internal consultants or any relevant employees who can deliver value to the overall plan.  Why? Because it is the lack of ownership that causes such plans to fail, thus having your employees engaging with external consultants is the best option that guarantees the actual implementation of your strategic plan.

What can we offer to you?


Our complete strategic planning program runs deeper than just a 5 days program, as we offer you a complete solution-based program that guarantees the following:


  • Nontraditional strategic planning tools that offer quantitative measurement.

  • Transferring knowledge of strategic planning to your key employees

  • Cultivating the culture of strategic planning in your organization

  • Producing the entire plan by your chosen team under the supervisor and coaching of our team of external consultants

  • Raising the chances of your plan being implemented and followed.


How can we do this?


  • Conducting strategic Audit using our external consultants 

  • Engaging your employees and more particularly middle management in 4 hands-on workshops each of which has written deliverables. The first 2 weeks will be in defining the strategic position and the following two weeks will be in strategy formulation.

  • Following each workshop, we shall conduct coaching sessions to ensure the practical application of the tools provided.


The table below furtherly illustrates our Strategic Planning implementation methodology

organization chart.jpg

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