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Capacity Building Workshops for CSOs across Libya

Within the scope of this project, three rounds of intense, 10-day trainings were implemented all across Libya, aiming to build capacity of Civil Society Organizations. Their content included the following: Conflict Sensitivity, Do No Harm, Gender Awareness, and Safety and Security; Project Design, Development, and Management; Theory of Change; Financial Management;  Report Writing; Proposal Writing. In order to attain lasting benefit and impact for the trainees, plenty of emphasis was put on practical implementation of the delivered material. Work Based Assignments were designed to encourage group work, whereby the participants were separated into two-person groups (58 Participants – 29 Assignments) and given one week after the training ended to complete a work assignment. The task required them to write proposals using all of the knowledge and abilities they had acquired. With a completion rate of 83%, some of the highest-scoring proposals included the following titles: Migration governance and its impact on sustainable development; Capacity Building for NGO’s in Misrata, Zleten and Tawargh; Vocational Training for youth in Ajkharra; Vocational Training for IDPs; A training program entitled ''Koony'' to teach sewing and embroidery; Establishing an integrated center for individuals and families affected by wars and conflicts; Establishing an entertaining park for persons with disabilities, children, and women

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