Banking & Finance Courses


  • Principles of Banking 

  • Islamic Banking Operations 

  • Legal Aspects of Banking

  • Investment Basics

  • Credit risk analysis for companies

  • Management and treatment of bad debts

  • Portfolio Management

  • Anti-Money Laundering

  • Fundamentals of Credit Analysis

  • Fundamentals of bank credit

  • Treasury management services and money markets

  • Financial risk management in banks and companies

  • Deposits and bank accounts

  • US FATCA Compliance

  • General principles for Customer protection 

  • Financial fraud and banking and mechanisms of prevention and detection

  • Provisions of the check system in commercial paper and process problems

  • Legal aspects of credit and instructions SAMA thereon

  • Legal aspects of business

  • Legal aspects of electronic trading

  • Advanced Course in detecting falsification of documents and signatures

  • Agency in the banking business and process problems and solutions

  • Check crimes in the system of commercial paper

  • Corporate Governance

  • Commitment tariff cycle

  • Foreign Operations

  • Basel 3

  • An assessment of capital adequacy in accordance with the requirements of the Basel 2

  • Market risk management

  • Risk management processes

  • Risk management of the credit portfolio

  • Modern methods of risk management in accordance with the requirements of the Basel 2

  • Introduction to Basel 2

40 hours of training


Available in English

and Arabic

Deliverable at your

preferred location

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