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Capacity Building Programme for the Ministry for Local

Governance (MoLG)

The assignment provided training for representatives of partner institutions about the conceptualization of decentralized public service delivery policies to enhance their planning and management capacities. The Fund aimed to support the Ministry of Local Governance (MoLG) with project management capacity-building workshops for thematic intersectional working groups that was set up by the ministry to work on the devolution of four functions to municipalities:

  1. Environmental affairs, including solid waste management.

  2. Public utilities and works, including building and demolishing licensing within municipal jurisdiction.

  3. Municipal social affairs, including empowerment of women and youth.

  4. Local economy.

Within its overall approach, GIZ provided technical assistance to the thematic inter-sectoral working groups in:

  • Preparing a comprehensive plan for transferring/devolving the key competencies and functions to municipalities in accordance with the normative functional assignment mechanism that was elaborated in collaboration with the key state stakeholders.

  • Conducting diagnostic study and taking stock on the state of providing services related to the competencies as well as the state of related the legislative/regulatory framework governing those competencies, including the conflicting mandates, synergies, and potentials for policy and regulatory needed reforms.

  • Preparing a set of policy or regulatory proposals to enable the actual devolution to be enacted.

Preparing the standard operating procedures, manuals, and working aids to support the fulfillment of the devolved responsibilities by municipalities

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1 year

Overall Duration
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