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Organizational Capacity Building for CSOs 
Working in Libya

In a time where civil work is needed more than ever, the CSOs Capacity-building Training is designed and delivered to help Libyan CSOs build and maintain their capabilities to continue contributing to their communities.

This training is designed to be comprehensive and help local CSOs develop multiple aspects, namely project management, financial management, proposal writing, report writing, and advocacy, communication, and operations safety. All of these targeted aspects are pillars to any CSO that wishes to operate professionally and effectively. To this end, a complete training package was designed along with trainer’s manuals, and two training courses were delivered in Benghazi and Tripoli. A distinct feature of those trainings is that they was delivered to potential trainers, with an intent for sustainable cascading impact. All of the potential trainers received a two-day TOT training to equip them with the necessary skills to deliver the same training to other CSOs, increasing the impact.

Both of the training courses were delivered in 12 days, within which the participants engaged in interactive learning activities, exchanged a lot of their experiences with each other, and demonstrated good understanding of the content. At the end of the course the participants exercised their training-delivery skills and proved they had benefited from the experience. This training is expected not only to have an impact on the participants and their CSOs, but also on the second round of participants and their CSOs. The large number of CSO members and CSOs that are going to benefit is expected to create a visible impact on civil work locally.

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