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Health at the Center: 
Provision of training to medical staff for Health Facilities
in Ghat and Wady al Hayat

A capacity-building program under the name Health at the Center was implemented to support 6 selected medical facilities in the South of Libya. Ghat and Wady al Hayat municipalities were targeted, and a total of 12 training courses of the following titles were implemented:

• Family Practice Approach

• Non-Communicable Disease ToT

• Basic Life Support

• Infection Prevention and Control

• Neonatal Resuscitation

• Advanced Pediatric Life Support

• Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Out of a total of 195 participants trained in both areas, 12 were male and 183 were female. 

Funded by:
Project in numbers:



Total Participants
Training Courses

3 months

Overall Duration
Implemented with:
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