Established on year 2009 Team for Training and Development is one of the oldest and most credible training firm in Libya. We have been dedicated to improving organizations however they are, National / Multinational companies, Public sector, Private sector or CSO, all of which we treat as strategic success partners.  Our goal is to provide training or consulting solutions that improves effectiveness and efficiency of our clients. 

All our programs focus mainly on putting the right competencies that targets employee’s performance gaps and our consultative training approach assists companies in achieving their strategic objectives. Team focuses on tailor-made training solutions to its client and understands that each customer is unique. We only bring practitioners to our clients who have the required practical / training experience and who can actually transfer the skills necessary to our trainees.






       We are Customer


       100% of the time.


We believe no two companies are the same in terms of their needs, thus we always encourage our clients to take the tailor-made approach. We conduct TNA prior to the implementation of any course; we design and structure our offer to match the exact needs of our clients.


        We Only Employ




In Team for Training we prioritize practical excellence of our personelle over their academical or theoretical experience. We only use trainers and consultants who are field-related practitioners with extensive practical and training experience combined. They are experts, equipped with the latest methods, techniques and tools.


        We Always Provide

       Measure on Return

        for Training 

We believe that every learning and development manager has a need to measure the effectiveness of each training program. Therefore, we provide pre / post course assessment for every course we deliver. Our method of assessment depends on course type.


         We Always Update

         Our Training



For us innovation isn’t an option, it is imperative. We constantly review and update all our training material to match the latest trends, practices and competitive needs. Our training resources are developed and qualified by the in-house experts of company’s professional trainers.


        We Always Provide 




We strongly believe in forming partnerships with our clients. To reinforce that, with each course delivery we offer drawing a development roadmap for each trainee as a complimentary service. Our final report always comes with recommendations for improvement for all the participants and also general corporate advice in many cases.

Word of the CEO

Ever since 2005, I've prioritized a specific task that I kept doing and will continue doing as long as I am engaged in the training / consulting business... 

Meet The Team


Wael Sallak

General Manager


Ashraf Mokhtar

Training Director

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Idris El-Dali

Consulting Services Manager


Valeria Inga
Deputy Director

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Othman Faroussi

Operations Manager




Integrity and Honesty,




Continuous improvement






We turn companies into learning organizations


To become the leading consultative 

training company in the middle-east



Our Achievements


  • Managed the training plan for Woodside Energy 

  • Conducted a premaster degree induction program for 40 participants who were traveling to the    UK and USA to obtain their master’s degree. The program was initiated by the National Oil Corporation and conducted by British Petroleum and Petro-Canada.

  • Delivered 102 training courses in English Language and 20 courses in BEC (Business English Certificate) for the banking sector.-

  •  Delivering 30 organization development courses that included soft skills, HR, leadership, and finance.


  • In 2010 we ran the first ILM Management qualifications in the oil and gas sector to a number of first-line managers with a 90% pass rate.

  • Developing and implementing a full English training plan for Libyan airlines company which is the biggest national airlines in Libya

  • We were the first training provider to deliver ISPS (International ship and port facility security code) certificates to the oil and gas sector

  • Delivered 130 general English courses including Cambridge ESOL preparation


  • We implemented Capacity building programs for several NGO’s to support a political transition in Libya.

  • Understandably, all other training activities were held back due to the military conflict in Libya.


  •  In 2012 we provided Native English teachers to Waha Oil training center which is one of the biggest Cambridge accredited centers in Libya. The contract was renewed for 3 years following the positive experience in the first year.

  •  Established first formal Public-Private partnership in training through successfully forming a joint venture agreement with Libya Insurance training center. The agreement resulted in running joint training projected that reached $500,000 in revenue and trained more than 700 employees in the public sector.

  • Implemented several flight dispatcher courses in Malta that assisted the oil companies obtaining license for operating the airport.


  • In 2013 we have undergone major diversification of the training activities in order to reach the desert oil fields and oil ports. 

  • Conducted various Cambridge ESOL preparation courses in PET, FCE and also IELTS and TOEFL preparation.

  • Achieved the highest IELTS passing rate in the oil sector

  • Delivered 30 workshops in management/leadership and soft skills



  • In 2014 we separated the company into two strategic business units SBU’s, one for languages and another for management development.

  • Provided marketing consultation services that contributed to increasing the market share for multiple businesses.

  • Delivered more than 15 Cambridge ESOL exam preparation courses 




  • In 2015 B2B sales coaching service was introduced, which assisted in raising revenue for a number of profit-oriented organizations

  • Market Share Pro program was launched and subsequently, 14 marketing plans were developed for several customers


  • In 2016 we have first established Team Turkey company as our Istanbul branch- our very first international extension of Team for Training. We formed partnerships and sought accreditations from the most credible local and European bodies. 

  • Formed a partnership with the leading oil marketing company in Libya known by the name Brega Oil Marketing. The partnership was about Team building capacity for Brega Oil national training Center through knowledge transfer in English language training methodology.




  • Delivered 12 workshops in Istanbul targeted to Mobile service operators in the field of Sales, Management, Soft-Skills, and Media.

  • Developed hands-on advanced strategic planning program that empowers middle and top management enabling organizations to make their own strategic plans with minimum use of external consultants 




  • Expanded operations to Tunisia, delivering Business Process Management course to the Telecom sector

  • Won two tenders from Wintershall Company enabling Team to deliver in-house English training in the company headquarters as well as the desert oil fields.


  • Developed consulting and training services on property management and maximizing revenue via online reservation platforms. Delivery of this program to an international tourism company has already resulted in a 70% increase in their local sales compared to the previous year

  • We have been developing a unique course by the name “How to detect fraud in training and education certificates”. This course enables organizations to inspect certificates and detect fraud at an early stage. This course development came as a result of our continuous research on the middle east education challenges and we are hoping to initiate this project in partnership with the right bodies.

Meet The Trainers


Our Clients

Over the years we have provided top-quality training to more than a dozen companies across various fields. Here are some of our clients

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Dr. Patrck White, MBA - PhD

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Rami Kamel Tweg, MBA, CMC

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Anup Kumar 

Chaurasiya, M.Sc. IT

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Fawzi El-Magtof 

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Safwat Al-Mansy Msc TQM

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Dr.Amira Shalaby, PhD

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Mohamed Beriky

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-18 at 16.52.12.jp

Fahd Lotfy, MBA

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Dr. Shehab El-Deen Ragaie, PhD

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Andreas Pratanos


Our Clients

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Our Location

Address:      Şehremini, Ahmet Vefik Paşa Cd.

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