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Training and Development

Team in Numbers
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TEAM in numbers

Development Aid Projects Implemented

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Public&Private Sector Projects Implemented


Our Vision

Is to become a world-leading development aid company that contributes to the welfare of developing countries.


Our Mission

We support developing countries in achieving sustainable development goals through acting as an implementing partner to UN organizations and INGOs


Our Values

Integrity and Honesty, Teamwork, Empowerment, Creativity, Continuous improvement

Our Vision, Mission and Values
Why choose TEAM?

Our Highlights


So, why choose TEAM?


We are customer focused 100% of the time.

We believe no two organizations are the same in terms of their needs, thus we always encourage our clients to take the tailor-made approach. We conduct TNA prior to the implementation of any course; we design and structure our offer to match the exact needs of our clients.

We only employ experienced practitioners.

In Team, we prioritize practical excellence of our personelle over their academical or theoretical experience. We only work with trainers and consultants, field-related practitioners with extensive practical and training experience combined. They are experts, equipped with the latest methods, techniques and tools. 


We always provide measure on return for training

We believe that every learning and development manager has a need to measure the effectiveness of each training program. Therefore, we provide pre/post course assessment for every course we deliver. Our method of assessment depends on course type.


We always update our training materials.

For us innovation isn’t an option, it is imperative. We constantly review and update all our training material to match the latest trends, practices and competitive needs. Our training resources are developed and qualified by the in-house experts of company’s professional trainers

What we do
For over a decade, we have been a distinguished leader in delivering top-notch training and consultancy services. We take pride in cultivating long-standing relationships with our clients, and offering customized solutions to cater to their unique requirements. Our commitment to research, innovation, and development enables us to consistently deliver high-quality services that address the evolving needs of our clients. To the right are the primary categories of our current activity and focus.
Our Team

The Team behind our Excellence:

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For the first two years of the company's existence, we operated under the name Libyan African Training Center. In the early turbulent years after the Libyan Revolution, it was thanks to collaborative teamwork that we achieved growth and expansion when many others failed- thus inspiring the name change for the company. With support of a strong team, people tend to put their strengths forward, which ensures consistently high quality, innovation and clients' satisfaction. Under Mr. Wael's leadership, many hardworking employees became managers and the company became not only the industry leader, but also a preferred implementing partner of numerous international organizations.  
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